Underground Racing has heavily modified the limited-run Audi R8 GT and managed to push it to the limit.

Underground Racing is known for their Lamborghini Gallardo tuning projects, have shifted their attention towards the Audi R8 GT. Produced in only 333 units, the R8 GT has fallen into the hands of Underground Racing after a client ordered the full 2R build. The drivetrain now has a full billet 1-6 custom ratio, billet input and output shafts, a helix billet differential and billet final drive gears.

Underground Racing also implemented an JRR Plug & Play Motec ECU system with custom Egear harness and used carbon fiber for various bits and pieces of the gray exterior. The V10 5.2-liter engine now deliveries 1,150 whp (wheel horsepower) on 93 octane pump and more than 1,800 whp on race gas.  The stock R8 GT packs 553 HP and on average the brake horespower (HP) figure is 10-15 percent higher than what actually goes to the wheels (WHP), making Underground Racing’s achievement amazing.