Golf GTI By RevZport

RevoZport has created a visual and performance package for the 7th Volkswagen Golf GTI.

RevoZport started out with a aero kit encompassing a double decked front splitter, carbon fiber hood with two vents and redesigned side skirts. The kit also comes with a GT roof spoiler and a rear diffuser together with an underspolier and red carbon accents.

There are some changes under the hood where the turbocharged 4-cylinder, 2.0-liter engine has received an ECU remap, a new induction system and a titanium exhaust setup which weighs 22 lbs, making it more than 50 percent lighter than the stock stainless steel one. As a result of these upgrades, output was increased from the series 230 HP to more than 290 HP.

The aerodynamic kit is already available on order while the power boost will go on sale in January. Pricing details will soon be disclosed on the tuner’s website.







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