Lamborghini Aventador by SR Auto Group

Canadian tuner have stepped up their game with this project, giving a Lamborghini Aventador in Arancio Orange athe Liberty Walk body kit from Japan.  It includes a front bumper, three piece front carbon fiber splitter, carbon fiber side skirts, rear diffuser trims and a carbon fiber wing. Thanks to the black and orange color combo, there’s no mistaking this for anything other than a custom supercar, which immediately draws in your attention.  The enlarged look of the air intakes just gives you the impression that every single molecule of air is going to be sucked up by the Aventador once it gets on the move.  The final touch on the car is a set of new PUR 4our Depth wheels finished in the classic modern black and lumiere grey. Rather than drawing your attention, these are airy so as to push your eyes towards the body kit


lamborghini-aventador-bestowed-with-liberty-walk-body-kit-by-sr-auto-photo-gallery_3 (1)












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