AMS Performance Alpha 12+ GTR with Video

AMS launched the Alpha 12 Performance kit for the Nissan GT-R back in 2011 which increased output to 1,309 bhp. Over the years, AMS evolved the Alpha 12 to Alpha 12+ and brought along a horsepower to an incredible 1,700 bhp.

AMS Alpha 12+ GT-R became the fastest GT-R in the world achieving a top speed of 237.5 mph. The heavily modified Japanese supercar needed just 2.99 seconds to reach 62 mph and performed the 0-124 mph run in 6.5 seconds. In just 12.37 seconds the GT-R AMS Alpha 12+ was already at 186 mph.  It’s also the fastest GT-R ever to complete the one-mile run as it was done in just 22.538 second.

In the video below, cars such as the Porsche 911 GT2 4WD 9ff (1,100 bhp), Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 Hennessey (760 bhp) and BMW M3 ESS VT2 (750 bhp) are battling against the Alpha 12+ GT-R.

Alpha Performance Packages


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